The following is a brief list of publications on Springtown/Livermore wetlands and the area of wherein the Friends of Springtown are working to protect resources for future generations. This list will be updated as new information is added.

Springtown BPPA map.JPG

Map of the Springtown Botanical Priority Protection Area from the East Bay CNPS publication (high resolution)

Map of Hydrology & Soils of the North Livermore Area

Ecology Primer of the Springtown Alkali Sink

Birds of North Livermore Area

Plants of the Springtown Area

Management Plan for the Palmate-Bracted Birds Beak (Coats et al. 1998)

Livermore Tarplant Census Letter to Livermore

Baseline Mapping, Habitat Mapping and Modeling for Palmate-Bracted Bird’s-Beak at Springtown Alkali Sink (Showers and Bainbridge, 2010)

LARPD Newsletter with Springtown Feature Sept 2014

Petition to List Livermore Tarplant CDFW (Bartosh, 2014)

Bay Nature Article on Springtown Sept 2012