Our Mission is to educate and engage the community in the preservation and sound management of the unique Springtown Alkali Sink Ecosystem.

springtown (6).jpgWe are a concerned and dedicated group based in Livermore, California, who are devoted to protecting and restoring the unique Alkali Ecosystem at Springtown Preserve. The members of our group are educators, advisers, and researchers helping to learn, protect and restore the flora and fauna of this unique place.

GoalsBurrowing owl
  • Protect and enhance the rare plants and animals and their habitats within the Springtown Ecosystem including the integrity of its watershed through cooperative science, education and sound management practices.
  • Raise awareness of the unique qualities of the Springtown Ecosystem through outreach and educational activities.
  • Encourage connections between the Springtown Ecosystem and established parks and open space through land acquisition, conservation easements and stewardship agreements.
  •  Foster resource study and stewardship partnerships with local educational institutions, local governments, and regional resource managers and regulators in order to better preserve the Springtown Ecosystem in perpetuity.



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